Cleaning The Depressed

Fashion Designer 

With an emphasis on producing multipurpose clothing, “Cleaning the Depressed” began its work by adopting a new approach to using color while maintaining simplicity.



Accessories Designer 

Maryam is a Persian girl with traditional and ancient perception, born in 1991 from the heart of Tehran city. She is a young artist exploring...


Sarah Baqa 27 years old born and raised in Tehran, Iran.
She has been working in the fields of design since 2016, there are collections of costume design (fashion design), handmade...


Fashion Designer 

WHO we are

Brainchild of our Chief Creative: an earth loving, gyp setting interior designer and professional wander luster, passionate about making magical costumes for the likes of eccentric Nevada...


Collar Designers

Niusha Malekniazi is a graduate of Graphic design and Fashion Design, Behnaz Naderi is also a Graphic Design graduate. These two talented designers decided...

Knot Art Craft By Azadeh Amini

Bag Designer

“Not Art Craft” is the creative line that creates objects with a specific technique which is tying knots. This collection was started in 2017...


Accessories Designer

Parisa Shahsavar born in 1992 in Shiraz, is a graphic design graduate, she started working with leather as a skill since 2011 and bags were the...


Accessories Designer

Mahdieh Baharmast is the owner of Oma Craft, this specific word means the mother and origin of mountains in Sanskrit. Mahdieh is a Law graduate and...


Jewelry Designer

Damsaz means “companion” in Persian Language, this brand is created by Nava
and Mahmoodreza its talented designers. These designers are inspired by life
hence creating and designing...


Accessories Designer

Master of Art in Graphic Design
Born in 1989
Since the summer of 2019 Arghavan Ruzbeh had already worked several years in the field of graphic design, considering...


Frame Sunglasses Designer

 A.sight started its work in 2014, designing and producing glasses and sunglasses straps.
Azin Dashti is the designer and owner of the brand, she...


Accessories Designer

Soudabeh Farahani was born in 1983 in Tehran.

She is graduated in handicrafts with the focus on textile design and fabric weaving...


Fashion Designer 

Ninoush Mohseni born in 1991, is an Illustration design graduate that has a hobby of traveling to local natural destinations and she has found her...


Accessories Designer

Azadeh Aiden (founder of Aiden), Born in 1985. She studied business administration at UOWD in Dubai and later MBA at luxury brand management in digital age...


Fashion Designer

A Persian, New York based textile designer and artist; Melody Hesaraky is in between the world of art and fashion. She is known for her...