Accessories Designer

Azadeh Aiden (founder of Aiden), Born in 1985. She studied business administration at UOWD in Dubai and later MBA at luxury brand management in digital age at Sup de Luxe- Paris.
She started her career by working in family business until she moves to Germany, where she has been started her collections in 2018.
It is all began when she inspired by Huda Al Nuaimi’s designs and in the way she wanted to full her thirst to enter Fashion industry.

Aiden is a customized accessories label embracing change with each & every collection.

Aiden creates hand embroidery accessories for everyone who's looking for the unique piece of art and wants to show their passion for art via their outfits providing convertible pieces of accessories.

Aiden aims to improve and spread happiness through her customized accessories using hand embroidery.
Her inspiration came from women, “ herself , The women she wanted to be and the women she is dealing with”.
She finds it fascinating when women is so powerful and at the other way sensitive.
She has an attachment to her employees and loves to provide the situation for other talented women to work with.

AIDEN collection