Cleaning The Depressed

Cleaning The Depressed

Fashion Designer 

With an emphasis on producing multipurpose clothing, “Cleaning the Depressed” by Agrin ebrahimzade began its work by adopting a new approach to using color while maintaining simplicity.

Brightening both the atmosphere and the wardrobe of the younger generation, CTD aims to fulfill a twofold purpose both in its concept and design, with some of its unique products which were originally designed as swimsuits also doubling as bodysuits. The name and slogan, “Cleaning the Depressed”, comes from an emphasis on promoting the usage of colorful clothing.

Based on the personal needs and demands of a young person living in Tehran, CTD is trying to fill a gap in locally-produced swimsuits, beachwear and swim gear with an eye on what is missing, simultaneously uplifting the mood and taste of its contemporaries. Combining an array of intricately patterned fabrics with vibrant colors and exquisite styles, this collection aims to create a gender-inclusive trend in contemporary wear, rooting in the feminine instead of prioritizing the seriousness and modesty of the masculine.

Cleaning The Depressed collection