Fashion Designer

Two young architectures, Maryam Pesyan and Sara Sarkheil established a very unique conceptual fashion line, named Farda. This newborn fashion brand has commenced its design process since 2014 with the conception of designing based on “Avant-garde” and innovative style as to distinguish itself from any other brand. As its translation to Farsi_ tomorrow_ this brand put all of its efforts into design “Futuristic”. Designers seek something pioneer in their fashion art and rely on their designs on new technologies and industries. Utilizing uncommon materials, cuts, fancyworks and sewing works on fabric edges are the ones that have demonstrated this brand’s contrast to any other brands and its superior concepts.

Farda Basic is ready to wear line, manufacturing practical, conventional and timeless clothes which can be used regularly among an extensive range of tastes.

Both men's wear and women's wear are considered in this production line. Simple cuts and normal fabrics are used in this series, to provide garments that can be used for daily styles. People with different attitudes can benefit this ready to wear line no matter being professional in styling; you can manage to have your ideal style

FARDA DESIGN collection