Hat Designer

Farid Golesorkh Esfahani born in Isfahan in 1999. The owner of Golesorkh Co.. - designers and creators of unique accessories, cloth and shoes. 

“I have a mission to create high quality things. As much as possible. To show the real value of the Iran. For me Iran is not just a place to be born and rise. For me meaning of Iran is what you create for our mother country.”

Golesorkh Company was created in a name of art. We wanted it to become a bridge between artists and businesses. To disconnect from mass-market fashion and create something unique. To turn back a soul of art back to life and back to our daily routine. First of all - for the future. For the future of people and art. 

We wear our hats with pleasure  - because it reminds us of our unique personalities and art that disappearing day by day.

GOLESORKH collection