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Honarvar Studio is a design studio of Ali Honarvar, an artist and designer from Shiraz, which focuses on creating environmentally friendly furniture and handicrafts made of paper mache . Ali Honarvar graduated from the University of Tehran with a degree in sculpture and has previously worked in the field of graphic design. His sculptural background in his works, while practical, adheres to sculptural forms and can in fact be classified as the intersection of art and design.

Due to immethodical human intervention in nature that will lead to its annihilation, it's not far-fetched that there won't be any trace of pristine and untouched nature in near future, so the next generations may only have some simulacrum of nature based on nature cloning or movies, etc. On the other hand, we can postpone this annihilation by reducing wastes and knowing the importance of recycling.
The only and most effective things that we can do is waste management. As a big part of waste management deals with municipal solid waste, which is created by industrial, commercial and household activities, we can take small but effective steps in waste management.

These concerns have always been on my mind as an artist - designer who is fascinated by nature and completely inspired by each and every detail of it, so traces of nature have always been evident in all my artworks and designs. I've spent the last eleven years of my art career on working and experimenting sustainable, recyclable and reusable materials and changing them into art and design.

The main material I've been focusing on is paper and papier mache technique.
The whole process of material production, from the very first point :collecting wasted papers and cardboard, segregate them based on their colour or thickness, shredding, making paper dough and eventually making product and artworks is done in my personal studio.

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