Shoe & Handmade Accessories Designer

La Femme Roje reflects art, design and ideas of a young ambitious designer, Rojan Hooshyar. The brand was founded in 2012-2013, mainly by designing shoes and scarves which represents the main components of Persian attire for women.

Rojan was born on 1985 in Tehran; she got her master degree in information management but her love for design directed her toward her new path. Rather than self-taught experiences, she also successfully finished the (Footwear pattern making and Footwear design) course and obtained her degree from Art Sutoria School to further enhance her abilities in this field. Also she’s been learning sculpturing through which she manifests lots of her creativities.

Not only taking the creative design into mind, looking into offering the best quality ever, all the raw materials have been procured from the best suppliers inside and outside Persia to ensure the consistency towards the aimed quality.

Each collection has different concept, from minimal approach to different traditions of a selected countries, specially Persia, trying to speak in different means and languages with La Femme Roje clients through different collections.

Parallel to creating quite large number of shoes and Scarves/shawl per month, due to high demands of clients, La Femme gradually started to have a casual line (including minimal Shoes, Cloths, Necklaces and Earrings) to make its products more affordable its clients.

Rojan Hooshyar Says: 

“As a vegetarian brand, treating animals and their lives with respect is our purpose which give us the aim of adopting the cruelty-free methods to create sustainable materials. We believe in respecting the environment and we are looking into new ways of creating silk and cotton with the methods that no harm comes to the animals and through using then everyone can get rid of the use of toxic and chemicals. No more fur, skin or feather in our collections trying using alternative materials instead. We source our viscose in a way that protects our natural world and the breeds that live there.  We also very much respect our work environment and everybody in our team and believe that everyone should be treated with respect and fair Payment. The future of fashion relies on people; those who make our products, whom grow the crops, our lovely staffs and amazing customers “

And After Years, La Femme Roje designer, started to distribute its design and products in 3 different provinces in Persia and also some other countries, like Toronto, Dubai, Vancouver and Kuwait with the aim to even expand more and all over the world.