Fashion Designer

Based in Tehran, Ladan Zarghami womenswear was founded in 2013 by Ladan Zarghami who is the creator behind a brand recognized for its elegant style, commitment to top-notch quality, and spectacular timeless pieces.

Born in the historic city of Isfahan, inspired by her Bakhtiari heritage, Ladan grew up in a traditional family whose inspired by fascinating Persian culture, Bakhtiari Antiques, Rugs and vibrant range of fabrics in a variety of eccentric patterns, colors, and motifs.

What makes Ladan Zarghmi unique is the fact she found a way to, flawlessly, merge the old rich culture of Persia, her hometown, with Western design and trends.

In her first collection, she created outstanding glamorous vests and outerwear, after her visit to Iran's National Jewelry Museum. She contemplated Naser al-Din Shah Qajar’s gown,”a former King of Persia”, into her designs. The inspiration is the Eastern influences and historical legitimacy on one hand, and the Western winds of contemporary fashion on the other hand.

Since then, Ladan Zarghami has been successful in creating unique pieces with the savoir-faire of local Iranian artisans aimed at sophisticated women who are proud to wear Persian culture on all occasions.