Accessories Designer

Soudabeh Farahani was born in 1983 in Tehran.

She is graduated in handicrafts with the focus on textile design and fabric weaving from Tehran University of Art. Since then, she has continued working in various fields of art and has tried different techniques and materials in weaving. She finally reached her unique technique in weaving fabric and has presented various products using this technique under the Souda brand ever since. 

Teaching and holding art exhibitions and events as well as designing carpets and kilims, designing clothes and ornaments are part of her artistic activities.

Based on the belief that art, as a means of communication, in any form does not deserve to deprive any rights, her artworks has tended towards the use of fully recyclable and nature-friendly materials.

Applying historical and cultural content in the designs, Souda tries to present forgotten parts of human history in a modern and practical form.