Balochi Embroidery- An Ancient Art

Balochi Embroidery- An Ancient Art

The art of the Baloch embroidery is an ancient craftsmanship, since hundreds and hundreds years ago. Baloch artisans use predominantly geometric designs to echo their environment, society, beliefs, wishes and aspirations.

the inspiration behind their designs comes from geometry, nature, animals, agricultural and daily tools, the moon, the sun, face features with focus on the eyes, brows and lashes.
the colors used in the embroidery is inspired by nature and their surrounding. with the emphasis on 6 colors Red, green, brown, black, white and blue; those colors became symbolizes of protection against illness and evil.

Along with the teaching of the principles of life, teaching this craft was important for the Baluch women old and young for generations to pass.

The Baloch embroidery to this day is inspiration for fashion designers from around the world.

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