Cartoon Village: The Multi-Colored Domes Holiday Retreat on The Persian Gulf

Cartoon Village: The Multi-Colored Domes Holiday Retreat on The Persian Gulf

Hormuz Island has naturally colored sand and sediments, which give it its outstanding colorful landscapes, and it is often called the rainbow island. Color cannot be removed from the lives, festivities, clothes, objects and spaces of its people.

The settlement is called Majara (meaning adventure) and has have been designed by Tehran-based ZAV Architects.

ZAV Architects says it encouraged local people to participate in the domes' construction, with 50 local workers involved in the project each day while it was being built.

The domes have been created using the super adobe method, which was developed by architect Nader Khalili. It involves filling sandbags with layers of earth and cement then reinforcing them with barbed wire. According to the California Institute of Earth Architecture, the method is 'similar to how a potter stacks coils of clay to make a vessel'. But here 'builders stack coils of earth to make a structure'.

Majara is part of the wider Presence in Hormuz project, which aims to build a 'series of urban developments' centered around tourism to 'empower the local community of the island'.

There are around 200 of them, and they form a cartoonish holiday retreat overlooking the Persian Gulf on the Iranian island of Hormuz, with multi-colored exteriors and interiors in shades of bright blue, yellow, red and green. Eighty-five guests can be accommodated in 17 suites, in 130 interconnected domes of varying sizes decked out with locally produced furniture. The remaining domes contain restaurants, cafes, shops, a spa, a gallery, a prayer room and tourist information.

Written by, Jennifer Newton for MailOnline

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