Kondor Tulip Gardens

The beauty of Kondor tulip gardens in Alborz province has even managed catch the attention of the Netherlands ambassador in Iran from how unique and mesmerizing it has become. A few days ago Jacques Werner mentioned in one of his tweets that he visited this site, although Netherlands is known for its massive tulip fields and its spring gardens, he was yet fascinated by this scenery and the beauty of Kondor’s tulip garden. 
This garden is located in “Kondor” village in the southern part of Alborz Mountains up until 7 kilometers of Karaj County. This year we were blessed with the growth of two million and one hundred thousand tulip blossoms of different kinds in 3.5 hectares of land.
It has been told by the village’s chief that in less than 20 days, this garden has had more than 120 thousand visitors, this number has been so drastically large that precise protocols were taken to practice social distancing and safety for visitors by using turns allowing visits in limited numbers. The garden has been opened to public since three weeks ago and now it is closed as we are reaching the warm summer heat.
It is interesting to know that this garden has a major economic value and it has produced numerous job opportunities as well for this village.



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