Ski Resorts In Tehran

Ski Resorts In Tehran

Iran is a vast land and every corner of it has a different climatic condition. During the winter time in Iran, the mountains are white, the terrain is drizzled with white powder and the excitement for exploring these slopes are undeniable. The two high mountain ranges of Alborz and Zagros with their high peaks get covered with snow many days of the year. Depending on the weather conditions from the end of November till middle of March ski resorts turn into powder paradise and get flooded with crowds of undeniable energy and excitement to explore these mountains first hand. The Iranian people have a strong mountain spirit resulting in curiosity to discover and kindness to one another.

Skiing is one of the oldest sports in Iran and it was first started in 1930’s. Now it has expanded to 19 ski resorts across the country and even more, the potential for ski touring is limitless. All resorts are located above 2000 M and the highest resort is called Tochal which goes up 3750 M. Following the highest, the biggest resort is called Dizin in the Alborz mountain. The ski season in Dizin lasts longer than in European ski resorts, from December to May, due to the resort's high altitude. The most modern resort is named Drabandsar and the oldest is Shemshak resort. All of these skiing hotpots are located in northern part of Tehran, the capital of Iran, following a short drive. The powder quality in these slopes have made them the best spots to ski in the Middle East.

Tochal Ski resort is the first resort that gets hit the good quality snow being the highest of them all. This resort is accessed using a cable car, which is one of the longest and highest in the world, taking 40 minutes to reach the peak and the slopes.

Buildings beyond the rural lines of Tehran and in these areas are a mixture of the modern cosmopolitan vibe creating a genius connection between the breathtaking nature and man-made structure blending in old townhouses full of stories and charm. The view is a lofty range of mountains all around, blessing the eyes with splendid landscape and countless natural beauties.

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