Wind Towers

A wind tower is an example of ancient Persian architecture in desert areas that was invented by Persian architects and later adopted by other parts of the Middle East. The history of wind tower in Iran dates back to the early period of the rise of Islam.
Due to the harsh weather Persian engineers and architects built the wind towers for a better style of living.

The idea of the wind tower was to create wind passage to cool down the Persian homes making it an ancient air conditioning for many years before the invention of any cooling equipments. It's interesting to know that these monuments were handmade, yet they're completely in line with the principles of modern engineering.
Over time, it turned into a symbol of typical Persian architecture. Despite the modernization of desert cities, these architectural masterpieces still remain intact in many parts of Yazd especially in Meybod and Ardakan.

For centuries, many homes continue to use this method for ventilation and cooling purposes. These buildings represent the strong relation between previous generations with nature.

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