About Us

Let me humbly tell you a true story - a real fairytale. Follow me on this magical journey and get mesmerized by the mystical beauty presented to you here. Iran formerly known as „Persia“ holds one of the most ancient civilizations on earth and therefore has one of the richest cultures that ever existed up until today. As a female myself and having a great passion for fashion and art work, I had this vision and made it my mission to show to the whole world what my home country (Iran) has to offer; what was hidden for way too long and all of you obviously have missed out on. So I built a stage and created this platform to present you Iran's most aspiring female artists and designers and their unique craft. I am delighted and its my honor to empower these strong women and their hand made master pieces. Blessed to give them the chance to reach out across borders and let them shine as they deserve to be seen and be known. All art works which can be found here are mainly sustainable ranging from recycled tube tires, Paper Mache to even vegan leather and are therefore in harmony and in tune with our beloved nature. NO fast fashion here guaranteed. The art you acquire at our store is timeless and will never run out of fashion - I promise you that and I vouch for it. I personally selected every single piece and item of the collection offered here, so rest assured that every piece is one of a kind and truly special. Each and every one of them was made with passion and dedication using only the best materials which assure every product to be of highest quality. Thank you for being here and being a part of this journey and movement . You are directly supporting an entire country and helping it to be where it belongs- a well known and respected place on the worlds’ map. My Name Is Kamelia Adib And This Is KADIB - The Europe First Persian Concept Store