About Us

I Kamelia Adib, am the founder of KADIB and this platform. I realized that there was a huge talent pool of young Persian designers, which I felt we needed to share with the rest of the world. Many of these incredible designers consist of Persian women, being a woman myself I see it as a bigger responsibility to empower these women and support them, by purchasing items from these designers, direct support is given to them towards being more independent. All of our talented creators exert their vast potential by having created unique works of art, with no piece being like the other. In our collections we have many items that are made sustainably ranging from recycled tube tires, Paper Mache to even vegan leather. Many hours are put into making each piece in our collections as they are all hand-made and are made with special care. The designs apply a combination of fashion’s up-to-date knowledge mixed with an originality coming from the centuries of old Persian culture and heritage. I invite you to experience this astonishing and different approach to fashion with us.