Fashion Designer 

WHO we are

Brainchild of our Chief Creative: an earth loving, gyp setting interior designer and professional wander luster, passionate about making magical costumes for the likes of eccentric Nevada tribal reservation family gatherings, Polish forest and lake-side campers, and sparkle ponies on a private pearly bay in Turkey.

WHAT we do

A small independent online tribe led by our Chief Creative with her trusty tailors in a tiny workshop, create made-to-order and unique pieces promoting ethical sourcing and fair trade and wages ⋆ We advocate slow fashion philosophy and curate season less collections by supporting local artisans that inspire us during our travel adventures ⋆ Our designs are simple so as to minimize wastage, and discarded fabrics are up-cycled to make gifted scrunchies and headbands!

HOW we give back

5% of all sales go to causes close to our hearts: Goa Outreach and The ZB Foundation ⋆ Glass amulets discovered in Istanbul’s grand bazaar are hand-stitched on the front of every robe, close to the heart chakra, for good vibe feel-sand to ward off any evil eye ⋆ Our carbon footprint is quantified and our unavoidable air-shipping emissions are offset by protection and restoration of threatened habitats ⋆ We ship in courier satchels made of plants, they’re biodegradable, home compostable AND waterproof ⋆ Our Story is printed on seed paper tagged to every custom robe; seed paper can be planted in a pot to grow into vegetables and flowers!


AZEEBAZAAR collection